A NIPPO-member breed club in the USA

Beikoku Chuugataken Aigokai (working name) was formed to establish an organization for U.S. breeders, owners, and enthusiasts of the medium sized Nihon Ken who are also Nihon Ken Hozonkai members and registered kennels. Our goal is to preserve the Kishu Ken, Shikoku Ken, Hokkaido Ken, and Kai Ken to the NIPPO standard, grow awareness of NIPPO among individuals who keep these target breeds in the U.S.A., promote membership, and increase available education resources on the medium sized breeds following the information published by the Nihon Ken Hozonkai.

About the Club

The Beikoku Chuugataken Aigokai was founded in 2023 to fill a growing need for a US-based NIPPO-member club to provide resources and breed education following the standards and education developed by the Nihonken Hozonkai. The BCA is NOT a NIPPO club, it is a club FOR US NIPPO members.The club is open to US residents and requires proof of membership to the Nihonken Hozonkai. Visit the Colonial Shiba Fanciers to learn about joining NIPPO.

The Medium-Sized Nihon Ken

There are 4 purebred medium-sized Nihon Ken (Japanese aboriginal dog) recognized by the Nihonken Hozonkai. The Nihonken Hozonkai is still the primary breed club and registration body for the Kishu Ken and the Shikoku Ken to this day. For the Hokkaido Ken and Kai Ken, they have the Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai and the Kai Ken Aigokai, respectively.These breeds were developed out of regional varieties of the Japanese landrace. This landrace of native dog was used originally developed to hunt large game as well as a variety of other game and nongame animals. Many of these breeds have grown distant to their original function and most dogs are kept only as exhibition (show or sporting) dogs and family pets today.


Beikoku Chuugataken Aigokai membership is open to members of the Nihonken Hozonkai residing in the USA. You must have a US address and proof of NIPPO membership to complete your application or your application will be declined. To apply for a NIPPO membership prior to applying for BCA membership please visit the Colonial Shiba Fancier website.

To view a list of Nihonken Hozonkai registered kennels which are also Beikoku Chuugataken Aigokai members, scroll down to the tables below. These listings are not complete listings of NIPPO kennels in the USA, but listings of member kennels and honorable mentions of NIPPO kennels which operated within the USA but are no longer active.

Current BCA Member Kennels

KennelNIPPO NameStateYearBreeds
AirreyalisアレヤリスCA2012Shikoku Ken
Akiyama no Roushya秋山の狼室OR2014Kishu Ken, Shikoku Ken
Hachidorisou蜂鳥荘VA2017Shikoku Ken
Aoiyama sou青い山荘PA2019Shikoku Ken
Akagawa Roushya紅川狼舎NY2022Kishu Ken
Ourou sou桜狼荘TX2022Kishu Ken
Kiseki no Yama奇跡の山WV2023Shikoku Ken

Historic NIPPO Kennels in the USA

KennelNIPPO NameStateYearBreeds
SanfuranサンブランCA2004Kishu Ken
Beikoku Kinokawa米国紀ノ川CA2007Kishu Ken
Sagami no Roushya相模の狼舎CA2011Kishu Ken
Hakuzan Ryousou白山猟荘NM2015Kishu Ken, Shikoku Ken
Kisetsu sou季節荘MN2018Kishu Ken, Shikoku Ken


03/13/20242024 NIPPO Classic premium is live. Entry period ends 04/12/2024 at 12:00 noon EST. See the Colonial Shiba Fanciers website for entry information and premium. The Colonial Shiba Fanciers are responsible for the NIPPO Classic.
02/12/2024New Beikoku Chuugataken Aigokai website published.
02/07/2024Colonial Shiba Fanciers announces NIPPO Classic 2024 will be held May 3-5th, 2024. Visit their website for more information.
05/20/2023Beikoku Chuugataken Aigokai is founded. Web presence established.

BCA || 米国中型犬愛護会

A club for NIPPO members in the USA

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